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When you find a postcard on the internet that you want for your collection, but can not afford to buy it, there is another way to add the image to your collection.

Follow this.

When the image is on your computer screen full size, meaning 3 x 5 inches, right click on the image. You will prompt a drop down menu. Click on the bottom direction: properties.

Another detail box will come up on the screen. Highlight in blue then copy the entire URL which is near the top of the box.

Paste this URL into the address bar on your desktop then press enter.

On the screen you will see the image you seek with nothing else on the screen.

Now you can print the image. Trim it to postcard size, sleeve it, and add it to your collection. Neat, eh? And quite affordable.

Another way to enjoy your postcards is to make an enlargement of any of your cards which will then be suitable for a frame. I like the 11 x 17 inch color copy for a dollar or so. When the postcard is enlarged to that size, the detail really is interesting. In fact, you may see aspects of the image that you did not see when the card was regular size.


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