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Anyone who sells postcards to someone else is a dealer by definition. There are dealers and then there are dealers. Here is information about postcard dealers.

The IFPD International Federation of Postcard Dealers has many members. This is an organization designed to keep the hobby alive, interesting, and safe. 

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Members of the IFPD organization of postcard dealers agree to this code of ethics:

IFPD Code of Ethics

I recognize my obligation as a postcard dealer to the public and to the fellow members of this association and to be worthy of the confidence and respect reposed in me by those with whom I have contact.

Therefore I agree to:


Give advice and appraisals to my clientele to the best of my knowledge and ability.


Buy and sell at prices commensurate with a reasonable return on my investment at prevailing market conditions.


Refrain from dealing in stolen and counterfeit material.


Be truthful in my advertising.


Refrain from denigrating my competitors.


Make no false claims to a policy or practice of generally underselling my competitors.


Honor and fulfill my contracts and obligations.


Exchange credit and other information freely with other members where the good of and the welfare of the association is concerned.


Treat my fellow dealers with the same respect and dignity that I expect to receive from them.






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