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Order Information


I would like to have a shopping cart system in place so the order process would be smooth. But I can not afford to purchase a shopping cart program for such a small number of items. Add to that the fact that the learning curve to implement a shopping cart is, at this time, beyond my abilities. Not saying that the day may come when a shopping cart is found that I can afford and manage. But not now.


But what you can do is send me an email with the pc numbers of the postcard card or postcards you want. I will then send you an invoice with payment instructions.

When you find a postcard you might like to add to your collection, make a note of the item number (like pc 100 to pc 8099), and the price.

Send me a list by email of the item(s) on your list  dularson@bellsouth.net 

I will then send you an invoice with my address and payment instructions.

I will pull the items and hold them until your payment has arrived. The amount due will be the cost of the items.

Nothing is added for postage to any address in the world for single card lots. Mixtures and multiple card lots will have more weight and have a postage price stated for US and Foreign addresses.

You may pay with a check, money order, mint USA postage stamps at full face value, or PayPal to dularson@bellsouth.net Just click the send money tab. Enter my email address and the amount of the payment.

Please do not send payment until you have received confirmation that the postcards are available. I try to remove sold items as soon as they are sold. But life has a way of getting in the way of my best intentions at times.

I will send the items to you when payment has been received.

I offer a full refund if, after receiving your items, you do not want them.

Payment can be cash of $10 or less, money order, check, PayPal to dularson@bellsouth.net or even mint US postage at full face value in any denominations. I use a lot of stamps.

Cheers:>) David U. Larson


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