My ebay Listings


My ebay Listings

eBay is the most complete website to buy and sell postcards on the internet. might challenge that statement.

For me, a recent change in the requirement for image size of items has forced me to relocate most of my listings to this OldPostcardsForSale website. You see, ebay wants all images to be a certain size (500 pixels on the longest size, minimum) or the item can not be listed. My 10,000 images of items for sale mostly do not fit this image size requirement. And to redo all the scans of 10,000 items which were made over a fourteen year period just can not be done. So I was forced to do something else as I sell off my postcard collection. Hence this website.

Oh, I do list newly scanned items on ebay. These new scans of mine meet the ebay requirement.

Not that that is the only problem I have with ebay. I have been a seller there since 1999. I am currently a Power Seller. At times I have had more than 9,000 items for sale at one time. But now that ebay requires tracking to be used on all items, which adds $1.60 to each item, I have lost my Top Rated Seller designation, been lowered in search results, and have lost the 20% final value fee reduction. So I am trying to move away, somewhat, from ebay.

I still love ebay. In fact about four times each year I volunteer to offer a class to local residents through the library to orient future eBay sellers to the eBay website.

But I need a back-up method to sell my items before eBay institutes additional rules which could knock me off the site, completely, as has happened to other small sellers.

So click HERE to visit my eBay store with current listings.

But the bulk of my postcard items for sale are listed here at this website.

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